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Steven Barney MS, MA
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    Please share your testimonials with us regarding how we've helped you.


"We started counseling with Steve a month after we got married. Post-marital counseling with Steve was so
helpful. He helped us see tendencies in ourselves, and redirect some of those into more positive interactions
with one another. We would always come away with principles to apply to our growing marriage. Thanks to
Steve, we are a stronger couple, loving and understanding one another more. We thank God for bringing Steve
into our lives."  

"My wife and I have been together over 40yrs. We had lately been having increased misunderstandings and
misplaced feelings of emotional abuse. Steve was able to give us some therapeutic 'emergency behavior' to
use in certain situations. We employed them as needed and found we are now able to redirect how we respond
toward one another. We were not headed for divorce, and we loved one another, but we were beginning not to
'like' each other as much, which doesn't make married life as fun, and makes us more vulnerable to ...
temptations. Though we only had about 6-7 sessions, we found we are able to check ourselves, and not let the
boil over points last nearly as long. And... we started liking each other again."  

"Steve, I want to tell how thankful I have been for the way that you have kept in contact with me and for the
way that you have provided excellent counsel to our people. I heard nothing but good things from those that I
sent your way."  
Rick, pastor, IL

"Steve has been a marvelous instrument in helping my teen and I communicate better. He is encouraging and
offers practical and useful insight and tools for change. "
Beth, IL

"Hiya Steve - just wanted to say thank you so very much for the help you gave my son. You went out of your
way to reach out to him and I am grateful to you. I pray he would counsel again to help him navigate life. May
God bless you wherever you go!"  
Chris, IL
"Steve - thank you so much for your investment in me over the past couple of years. I've grown and healed so
much and I feel like you were one of the key people and voices of wisdom that really helped to balance me in
the process. I'm grateful for you as a mentor & spiritual father, words could never say enough to tell you what a
difference you've made. You truly are gifted. Thank you for everything!"  
Tim, IL
"Dear Steve, I just wanted to thank you for a great first experience as a counselee. God has used you in so
many ways to show me a lot of really important crucial insights about myself and about God. I will definitely
miss coming to your office but am so grateful for all the changes and healing that has taken place in the past
nine months."  
Lia, CA
"A quick note Steve, to say thanks for helping me see my company through fresh eyes. Your input (not to
mention those provocative questions you ask) has been instrumental in helping us reshape ... (the
company). For the first time since founding the company in ...., I see the potential to build equity in what 'til
now has been strictly a personal services business. It's a genuine pleasure working with you."  
Joel, CA