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Steven Barney MS, MA
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Clinical Counseling & Psychotherapy

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    I am passionate about collaborating with you in moving your life towards a more whole, productive and vibrant self. I will
    assist you, being directive when appropriate, but with grace and patient sensitivity.

    As a senior clinician, I’ve counseled people both inside and outside the church, and have been doing so since 1992. Prior to
    completing my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at 42, I practiced as a Pastoral Counselor. As a twenty-
    something I began a career as a Chemist in Industry while raising a family gaining real world experience. My wife and I
    birthed and led ministries as we dated and then began our early careers.

    I love to help individuals, couples, families and churches develop their communication skills; and thereby, improve their
    relationships and overall family and organizational lives. I have an easy relaxed style, caring heart that also allows me to
    speak straight when there is need.

    Working with couples, I am zealous to repair and rebuild; I regularly do premarital and marital therapy assisted by the well-
    researched Prepare-Enrich online assessment. Also, I am very involved in assisting you with general identity, women’s and
    men’s issues, and reducing anxiety and depression through accessing the self.

    In addition, I often assist you or your loved ones in their identity issues. Common are, identity in God development or
    strengthening, as well as, gender issues, dysmorphic, attraction or other sexual minority identity issues.

    I was trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes and hold Certifications in Sexual and Multiple Addictions from the IITAP, the International
    Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals. As I am well experienced in treatment of anxiety, trauma and addictions, I
    aptly work with varied compulsive habits including alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, gambling, money and food.

    Please also contact me as consultant, as I work with individuals, groups and organizations whether onsite or offsite (through
    video chat) providing consulting or coaching in order to help you to solve various relational, motivational or team
    developmental situations.

    Please feel free to email or call.

    Steve Barney

    Typical Counseling Issues:
  • Anxiety, Stress & Burnout
  • Depression, Trauma & Panic
  • Compulsive Issues such as alcohol/drugs, food, gaming, gambling, shopping, porn/sex
  • codependency & grief/loss
  • low self-esteem & ADHD
  • anger management
  • identity issues

    Although I am an independent clinician and welcome all to my office, I am also associated with Christian Counseling Centers
    (CCC), the largest provider of Christian counseling and psychotherapy services in Northern California. Read more about
    CCC and see the site for the San Mateo office.