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Steven Barney MS, MA
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  • Please download and complete these forms and bring them with you to the first session. Thanks.

  • Insurance - I may be able to invoice your insurance company. I do, however, ask you to do some "legwork" since I try to keep
    overall counseling costs at a minimum rather than raise rates. Please download the following form, complete what you know
    from your insurance card and then call your insurance company. I've included space to write the info I need to invoice your
    insurance for you; such as your deductible and what has been met, your % co-insurance, any maximum # of sessions
    allowed in a year.

    I know that this may be an inconvenience, but I'll be willing to do the rest of the billing and the waiting for the payments,
    rather than having you pay out-of-pocket.

    It's possible that your insurance has no "out-of-network" coverage so there's no guarantees.

    If you don't find out about your deductible or the % co-insurance, we'll need to assume that your deductible is NOT met and
    you'll be paying the full fee.